Coate and Company is a New Zealand based interior and art consultancy service, specialising in interior design and sourcing emerging contemporary art fronted by Stephanie Fraser. Coate & Company also offer unique art focused wedding registries for couples wanting that one of a kind special gift.

Coate and Company offers individually designed interiors centred on the people inhabiting the space. We work with our clients’ existing personal treasures to customise the look and feel of their home, creating a fusion that is uniquely theirs, blending old with new.

We are passionate about art and understand the importance of finding the right piece to compliment each unique space. We approach all projects in the same way – looking at who the audience is, what the context is and what would add value.

Our vision is simple, but strong. We don’t believe in matching art to your carpet, or your cushions or couch, but we do believe that if a piece of art makes you happy then it will continue to do so and outlast the carpet, cushions or couch. Ultimately, our value to our customers is our vision for refinement and aesthetic appeal.

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