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Coate and Company has the pleasure of offering a unique art focused wedding registry.

Don’t need another toaster? The idea of art as a wedding registry gift is designed to help couples that may already be well established with less need for common day-to-day furnishings. A well chosen piece of art not only defines your home but will always be appreciated, whether as the basis of a new collection or as an addition to other valued pieces.

Coate and Company work with you; the Bride and Groom to discover and source the perfect piece of artwork that you will cherish for years to come and that will serve as a daily reminder of your perfect day.


cac0001-plus-animation-fa   Firstly, contact us for an initial consult at no charge.
cac0001-plus-animation-fa   Coate & Company (C+C) will then work with you closely to find your perfect piece of art.
cac0001-plus-animation-fa   Once you’ve selected your piece, C+C arranges purchase of the art on your behalf via private consult with the seller.
cac0001-plus-animation-fa   C+C will create your private registry link on the Coate + Company website, under your chosen gift registry name.
cac0001-plus-animation-fa   A profile and photograph of the artwork will be uploaded to the registry page.
cac0001-plus-animation-fa   C+C will ensure you have all the necessary registry details for inclusion on your wedding invite;
1. our URL:
2. your gift registry name so your guests can easily find your registry to contribute!
cac0001-plus-animation-fa   Your guests can view the piece of art they are contributing towards on your personal registry page via the C+C website.
cac0001-plus-animation-fa   They can contribute as little or as much as they wish towards your piece of art using debit, credit or Paypal via secure checkout.
cac0001-plus-animation-fa   In addition, your guests can chose to purchase a gift card of their choice at the checkout and enter a personalised message for             the bride and groom – see selection of gift cards below.
cac0001-plus-animation-fa   Your registry will be closed on an agreed date. C+C then arrange delivery and any outstanding payments or refunds required.

Easy as that.

Contact us today for an initial consultation at no charge.

(available at checkout)

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